From the forests we not only obtain a series of goods and services essential for our survival: plant and animal food, wood, medicines and many other products. Forests play a fundamental role in climate regulation, maintenance of water sources and flows, and soil conservation. For this reason, jungles and other forests are possibly the most important natural heritage, but also the most threatened and preyed upon by the hand of man.

The tremendous rate of transformation of our native forests in the north of Argentina for the expansion of the agricultural area (in most cases for the monoculture of transgenic soybeans) is unprecedented in history. If there are no immediate actions by the National State and the provinces involved, in a short time we will irretrievably lose important and irreplaceable areas of our natural heritage.

Greenpeace maintains that the use of resources must be orderly and sustainable, involving participatory local communities. Protecting representative samples of each ecosystem, using natural resources responsibly and restoring destroyed and degraded forests and jungles, is what we propose and for which we continue working to correct the uses of the land that are affecting the last great natural reserves.

If you want more information about the clearings in our country or to report any, go to Stop the Clearings .